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NANBF Information - Please read before proceeding.

SANCTIONING: The North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation NANBF is the sanctioning body. * If you do not have an NANBF Membership Card go to  www.NANBF.org. Click on "Resources," then "New or Renew Membership." Total cost of membership is $80.00. *You can send this entry in without the Membership card. However, you must purchase it online before you compete in the contest.

ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to all physique athletes who have not at any time during the 84 months prior to the day preceding this event, engaged in the personal use of anabolic steroids, other growth enhancing drugs, or Rx diuretics used within three weeks of this competition (OTC natural diuretics like dandelion root are acceptable). Refer to the banned substance list at www.NANBF.org.

TESTING & CHECK-IN: Every competitor is polygraphed, which you will make your own appointment online via the email you receive once you submit your entry form. Fee to polygrapher is $45 CASH good for NANBF shows. Polygraph is by appointment. NANBF membership required. BE PREPARED TO POLYGRAPH UP TO 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONTEST. NO EXCEPTIONS. All contestants must present NANBF cards and check-in. NANBF Cards are $80.00 and can be purchased online at www.NANBF.org.

**Note, if you have tested in another NANBF sanctioned event within 30 days of Natural Iowa contest time, you do not have to polygraph a 2nd time prior.

FIGURE & BIKINI POSING ATTIRE: Two piece swimsuits and heels. No thongs may be worn in either round. Embroidery or embellishments are allowed on suits.


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1. Entry Fee Total

$75.00 for first class entry +$60.00 for each additional class entry

(Example: Original class entry -- Men's Bodybuilding Open @ $75.00 + Second class entry -- Men's Physique Open @ $60.00 = $135.00 Total)

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